December 4, 2021 – January 29, 2022
Davenport Gallery

CraftForms 2021, the 26th International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Craft showcasing works in basketry, ceramics, decorative fiber, furniture, glass, jewelry, metal, mixed media, paper, wearable art, and wood.

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Mark Abildgaard

Fool’s Errand
Lost Wax Kiln Cast Glass, Acid Etched
24″X 14″X 6″

Miyako Asaba

Nylon Monofilament with Colorant
53cm X 53cm X 5cm

Adam Atkinson

Out of the Blue
Cherry, Silver and Acrylic
2″X 1.75″X 1.75″

Linda Barlow

Blue Wave
Thread and Beads
5″X 3″X 5″

Stephanie Lael Barrick

Knowing Evil
Fabric, Vinyl and Paper
9’X 60″X 60″

Lucrezia Bieler

Single Sheet of Black Paper Cut with Scissors
21″X 21″ framed”

Beth Blankenship

Sea Life
Bead Embroidery
15″X 10″

Beth Blankenship

Underwater Village
Bead Embroidery
6″X 36″

Beth Blankenship

Virtuous Circle
7″X 5″X 5″
$1,200    SOLD

David Bohnhoff

25″X 23″X 30″

Anna Boothe

Laurel Berry
Pate Deverre, Kiln-Cast and Assembled Lead Crystal Glass
12″X 4″X 4.25″

Arielle Brackett

Environmental Destruction of the Tillamook Rainforest
Brass, Sterling Silver, Resin, Flocking and Steel
3″X 4″X 1.75″

Diana Chamberlain

Green House
Dark Stoneware
13″X 5″X 5″
$600  (SOLD)

Kristen Cliffel

Low Fire Clay, Glaze and Cast Glass
12″X 16″X 4″

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever

Woodland Whispers
Polymer Clay, Stainless Steel Cable, Map, Quilt Pins and Sterling Silver
17″X 6″X .8″

Andrew DiPietro

Lines in the Sand
11″X 17″X 14″

Alysse Einbender

Mama’s Love
Ceramic with Acrylic Paint and Waxes
10″X 14″X 11″

Melissa Engler

Narwhal Spoon
2.5″X 11″X 2″

Griffith Evans

Grey Circles Necklace
Steam Bent Wood with Hand-built Porcelain Beads
5.5″X 4″X .25″

Teresa Faris

CWaB: Lien #15
Silver, Wood Altered by a Bird, Reclaimed Comfy Perch™
4″X 4.5″X 1″

Elizabeth Frank

Journey of the Hawk People- Migration Series
Carved Aspen, Bronze Paint and Wax with Steel Stand
16″X 19″X 24″

Masha Gazumyan

Salt Cellar
Stoneware with Crushed Granite
12″X 13.5″X 6″
$350    SOLD

Tamra Gentry

Scepter of the Man-Ape

22″X 4″X 1.5″

Dennis Gerwin

Purple Grain Jar
Wood Fired Stoneware
16″X 16″X 16″

Kristina Glick

Biology of the Strange III
Electroformed Copper
3″X 3″X .5″

Aspen Golann

Woven Brush
Bleached & Ebonized Maple, Yellow Heart with Tampico Fibers
6″X 4″X 5.5″

Gabrielle Gogould

Blue Symbiosis Necklace
Oxidized Sterling Silver and Parakeet Tail Feathers
24″X 8″X 1″

Rachel Yan Gu

4″X 18″X 8″

Jennifer Halvorson

Pressed Glass Fused with Cast Glass
38″X 10″X 2.25″

Chie Hitchner

Spring Breeze
Wearable Silk Wrap
76″X 18″

Chris Irick

Contemporary Mourning Brooch Series
Nylon and Stainless Steel
3.5″X 2″X .75″
$390    SOLD

Jess Jones

Weeping Quilt 2
Made, Found, Collected, and Purchased Fabric Yo-yos and Wood
72″X 69″X 2″

Lena Kaapke

Production Line
Artist Book
9.5″  X 12″ X .5″
Price on Request

Carolyn Kallenborn and Erasto Mendoza

Tapestry Weaving, Embroidery, Paint and Beadwork
80″X 52″X 1″

Floor Kaspers

Wings of the Fall
Glass Beads
1″X 40″X 10″

Patty Kennedy-Zafred

Spirits Rising
Textile: Art Quilt
71.25″X 30.25″X .25″

Kathy King

Crown of Artemis
Handwoven with Glass Beads
8″X 12″X 1.5″

Kathy Knapp

Peace In Turbulent Times
Cotton, Textiles and Beads
18″X 16″X 13″

Meredith Knight

Ceramic with Underglaze and 3D printing
8″X 16.5″X 2″

Mark Kobasz

Mom’s Scissors
Sand Cast Glass, Fired Screen Printed, Painted Wood
16″X 20.5″X 10″

Connie Lippert

Blue Cascade
Fiber and Natural Dyes
23″X 42″X .25″

Julie Long Gallegos

Carnelian Pendant in Oxidized Silver and Gold
Gemstone Beads, Sterling Silver and 10K Gold
2.25″X .75″X .75″

Niraja Lorenz

Edge of Chaos

Terrie Mangat

Stork’s Nest
Mixed Media
99″X 57″X .5″

Anne Maraviglia

Shino Glazed Jar
High Fired Stoneware
8″X 8″X 8″

Jake Martin

Sterling and Fine Silver, 18k Gold, Steel, Cherry and Gems
14″X 7″X 7″

Phil Mason

Contact Cluster: A Stack of Five Rings
925 silver and 750 rose gold
5cm  X 2cm X 2cm

Jesse Mathes

Spiral Knit Neckpiece
Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver and Silver Plated Wire
7″X 15.5″X 12″

Molly McLaughlin

Hand Dyed/Painted 260/2 Silk, 40 Gauge Copper
18.5″X 16.5″

Taylor Mezo

Twin Candelabras
Ceramic, Earthenware
6″X 3″X 14″
$300   (SOLD)

Carol Milne

Kiln Cast Lead Crystal
5″X 9.25″X 9.25″
$1,800    SOLD

Kazuo Morita

Memory of Ocean
23cm X 23cm X 21cm

John Albert Murphy

Slip Cast Porcelain Clay
5″X 9″X 9″

Maxwell Mustardo

Purple & Green Anthropophora
Stoneware & Plastic
17.5″X 11″X 10″

Maxwell Mustardo

Blue & Pink Amphorae
Stoneware & Plastic
16.75″X 10.5″X 10.5″

Clare Nicholls

Ghost Ladder
Handwoven Lace, Linen, Silk, Cotton and Rayon
80″X 60″

Mitchell Noah

Tooth-Chipper Trio
Blown and Hot Sculpted Glass
12″X 5″X 5″

Richard Nolan

13.5″X 10″X 4″

Mary Kay Palazzo

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go
Copper, Cloisonné Enamel, Brass and Bronze
4.5″X 3.75″X 3.75″

Sharron Parker

Chateau de Commarque Midnight
Handmade Felt
25″X 25″X 3″
$1,250   (SOLD)

Bridget Parlato

In Honor of Her Honor – “Lace” Collar/Warrior Breastplate
Paper Beads, Hemp Cord and Cotton Thread
37″X 17″X .25″

Molly Peacock

Black Porcelain
21″X 15″X 12″

Kenny Pieper

Teal Splash
Glass Beads
25″X 12″X 12″

Mike Pugh

COVID-19 Monument I
Wheelthrown Stoneware with Hand-drafted Incising and Iron Oxide
21″X 11″X 10″

Lisa Beth Robinson & Kristin Thielking

Wave -A Moment in Time
Photogrammetry,3D Printing, Fused and Screened Glass
7.5″X 7″X 3.5″
$2,000    SOLD

Michael Rohde

Handwoven Tapestry: Wool, Camel with Natural Dyes
76″X 49″X 1″

Catherine Satteriee

Green Dome
15″X 16.5″X 8.75″

Scott Schuldt

Trade Route
Hand Sewn Beadwork
38″X 55″

Meredith Setser

Handmade Felt
40″X 55″X 12″

Terri Shinn

Spotted Gum
20.5″X 9″X 9″

Kathran Siegel

What Can Happen
Linden and Maple Woods and Acrylic Paint
51″X 33″X 18″

Nancy Slagle

Climate Change
Sterling Silver, Plastic, Anti-Tarnish Cloth and Embroidery
5.5″X 1.25″X .75″

Nancy Slagle

Sterling Silver, Anti-Tarnish Cloth and Embroidery
5.5″X 1.25″X 1″

Deborah Smith

Reed, Acrylic Paint and Driftwood
13″X 13″X 8.5″
$3,200    SOLD

Aric Snee

Yellow Igneous Vase
Blown Glass
16″X 7″X 7″

Carol Snyder

January Treeline
High Fired Porcelain
6.25″X 5.75″X 5.75″

Carol Snyder

Soft Rime
High Fired Porcelain
2.75″X 5.25″X 5.25″

Mary Stafford

Sea of Dreams
Sterling, Fine Silver, Enamel, Mica and Artist Vinegaroon Treated Leather
4″X 4″X 1.25″

Courtney Starrett & Susan Reiser

Equal But Different
26.75″X 26.25″X 6.25″
$400    SOLD

Phyllis Kudder Sullivan

River Project: Water Squared
5.5″X 36″X 36″

Will Van Dyke

Fire Engine Red Grain Elevator
Terra Cotta Low Fire Clay
13″X 5.5″X 4″
$275    SOLD

Regina Vorgang

Changes 8 Table Runner
45.75″X 13.5″

Barbara J. Walker

Paracas Family
Ply-splitting; Artist-Made 4-ply Cotton and Linen Cords
9.5″X 6″X 6″

Jessica Walton

Coiled Mask 2
Thread and Rope
22″X 18″X 13″

Stuart White

Cherry Jubilee
Cherry Burk
3″X 18″X 18″

Jennifer Rose Wolken

…in Anticipation of a Rare Event
Paper, Leather, Thread and Natural Dye
3.5″X 3″X 72″

Sheryl Zacharia

Sunset Groove
22″X 19.5″X 5″

Mary Zicafoose

Sandhill Crane Count, Week Number 7, Platte River
Weft-Faced Ikat Tapestry
125″X 38″X 1″


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