Holly Goeckler, Trillium
Nancy Worden, Sarah Owens & Kyle Rees, The Family Reunion
Caitie Sellers, Richmond Necklace

Past Exhibitions

Craft Forms 2013

December 6, 2013 – January 25, 2014
Davenport Gallery

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Wayne Art Center is delighted to announce that planning is underway for Craft Forms 2013!Craft Forms, in its 19th year as an international juried exhibition, is dedicated to enhancing contemporary craft while providing a venue for established and emerging artists alike to share their creative endeavors. With works in wood, clay, fiber, glass, metal, jewelry and mixed media, the show draws approximately 5,000 local and national visitors each year. Approximately 500 craft artists apply annually from the United States, Europe and other continents and approximately 100 artists are accepted into the show.

We are pleased to announce, Lena Vigna, Curator of Exhibitions, Racine Art Museum in Racine, Wisconsin will jury the entries and awards for Craft Forms 2013. Vigna has a particular interest in the contemporary fields of adornment, sculpture, fiber, and installation. Lena has curated numerous solo and group exhibitions and written several essays that explore issues relevant to contemporary art and society.


Best in Show:
Nancy Worden, Sarah Owens & Kyle Rees, The Family Reunion

Juror’s Awards:
Paul Wanrooij, Oceana Demi Lune

Lucrezia Bieler, Barefoot in the Wild Garden

Caitie Sellers, Richmond Necklace 

Heather Bayless, Hanging Nest

Peggy J. Wiedemann, Ballgown for a Mermaid

Teresa C. Sullivan, Advice

Awards of Merit:
Madeline R. Smith, Chimera 

Jennifer McCurdy, Guilded Articulated Magritte’s Vessel 

Thomas Moser, Alienation Bench 

Ed Bing Lee, Arctic Cupcake 

Lisa Klakulak, Constriction and Release

Erik and Martin Demaine, Floating Fire

All Artists
Susan Aaron-Taylor, MI
Cheryl E Acosta, MO
Liz Alpert Fay, CT
Elizabeth Barton, GA
Heather Bayless, KS
Lucrezia Bieler, FL
Beth S. Blankenship, AK
Peter Boerger, IN
Elyse Bogart, OK
Anna Boothe, PA
Miriam E. Carpenter, PA
Jim Charles, WI
Renee W. Chase, NJ
Wu Ching-Chih, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Valerie Jo Coulson, PA
Angela Cunningham, MA
Kate Cusack, NY
Christopher Darway, PA
Erik & Martin Demaine, MA
Laura L. Demme, PA
Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, MD
Shayna Egan, IL
Douglas Shaw Elder, OK
Paul Eshelman, IL
Dustin J. Farnsworth, NC
David W. Fraser, PA
Cynthia D. Friedman, PA
Motoko Furuhashi, NM
Jenny Gawronski, CO
Robly A. Glover, TX
Holly Goeckler, TX
Joseph Gower, NJ
Niki Grandics, CA
April Marie Hale, MT
Steven L. Hansen, MI
Rosemary Harasym, PA
Bob Hawks, OK
Margaret K. Haydon, CO
Mikelle Hickman-Romine, OH
Sarah Hood, WA
Noelle Horsfield, KY
Katie HudnalI, IN
Mi-Sook Hur, NC
Stephanie Jaffe, FL
Uosis Juodvalkis, AR
Yevgeniya Kaganovich, WI
Dallae Kang, MA
Elizabeth F Keller, SC
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, PA
Tammy Young Eun Kim, CA
Lisa M. Klakulak, NC
David L. Knopp, MD
Laura Beth Konopinski, MO
Marty Kremer, NY
Allison Lanese, OH
Margaux Lange, NY
Merete Larsen, Denmark
Ed Bing Lee, PA
Ariel R. Levine, PA
Ana M. Lopez, TX
Brooke Marks-Swanson, IN
Wence Martinez, WI
Stephen L. Maurer, MA
Jennifer McCurdy, MA
Nancy Middlebrook, PA
Dan Mirer, NY
Thomas Moser, PA
Linda Ohrn-McDaniel, OH
Masako Onodera, WI
Deanna Ooley, TX
Kathryn M. Osgood, NC
Vince G. Palacios, CA
Cristina L. Pellechio, VT
Sarah E. Perkins, MO
Patrick J. Quinn, IL
Karen A. Reid, PA
Gustav Reyes, IL
Leisa Rich, GA
Eleanor C. Richards, TN
Lynne Rigby, WA
Mark Rigsby, MS
Cara Romano, ME
Kathleen A. Ryall, NC
Michael Scarborough, NY
Caitie Sellers, NC
Diane Siebels, VA
Marjorie Simon, PA
Bradford Smith, PA
Madeline R. Smith, PA
Lindsey E. Snell, IL
Joy L. Stember, PA
Dinah Steveni, WA
Teresa C. Sullivan, WA
Kristi L. Sword, NY
Carolyn Tillie, CA
Miles van Rensselaer, NJ
Aric R. Verrastro, IN
Paul Wanrooij, ME
Emily Watson, OH
Peggy J. Wiedemann, CA
Hannah Wnorowski, PA
Nancy Worden, WA
Peggy Wyman, MO
Sigrid K. Zahner, IN


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