Chris Bathgate
Doug Bucci, Islet Black Sectional Necklace
Wen Redmond, First Light

Past Exhibitions

Emergence: Craft + Technology

December 4, 2015 – January 30, 2016
Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery

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This innovative new exhibition, Emergence: Craft + Technology, features work that exemplifies the ever-increasing intertwining of advanced digital processes with traditional hand-made craft. Whether through the use of computer design programs, CNC and automated tools, or 3D printing, we celebrate the use of new technologies in the production of state-of-the-art craft.

Emergence: Craft + Technology runs concurrently with Craft Forms 2015, an annual exhibition that is dedicated to enhancing the public's awareness of contemporary craft while providing a venue for established and emerging artists alike to share their functional and sculptural creative endeavors.

Both shows will be celebrated with an opening gala on December 4. Gala tickets can be purchased by calling the Wayne Art Center at 610-688-3553.

The Wayne Art Center is pleased to welcome the following Emergence artists:

Christine Alaniz, PA

Christopher Bathgate, MD

Francis Bitonti, NY

Doug Bucci, PA

Ashley Buchanan, TN

Ryan Buyssens, FL

Taylor Caputo, PA

Emily Cobb, PA

Emily Culver, PA

Maria Eife, PA

Future Retrieval, OH

Joshua Harker, IL

Nicole Jacquard, IN

Jimin Jung, PA

Rod McCormick, PA

Antonio Pio Saracino, NY

Wen Redmond, NH

Michael Rohde, CA

Rea Rossi, PA

David Rozek, PA

Adrien Segal, CA

Janice Smith, PA

Phillip Stearns, NY

Rebecca Strzelec, PA

Anthony Tammaro, PA

Rich Tannen, NY

Aaron Trocola, NY

Elleke van Gorsel, the Netherlands

Catherine Wales, NY

Kimberly Winkle, TN

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