Past Exhibitions

Recent Work: Michael Doyle and Jon Redmond

December 2, 2016 – January 28, 2017
Outer Galleries

Wayne Art Center faculty members and PAFA alumni Michael Doyle and Jon Redmond come together for an exhibition of their recent oil paintings, celebrating poetic still lifes and evocative landscapes.

Michael Doyle:
Michael paints contemporary landscapes, still lifes and figures. "It is the blending of two natures that gives life to my paintings: the nature we see around us, and the nature of the human soul. I am always amazed at how a few colors placed side by side in the right place, the right order, and the right tone, complete the illusion."

Jon Redmond:
Jon Redmond chooses subjects that are usually close at hand - a humble still life, the local landscape, or the rooms of his home - but always with an eye for the way the right light can transform a familiar scene into one of beauty. "It is not so much about how beautiful the landscape is to begin with but more how I can find beauty in  something that is part of my everyday life."

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