Past Exhibitions

Westward HO! A Look at Contemporary Craft from the Southwest

December 7, 2019 – February 1, 2020
Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery

Curated by Gail M. Brown, Westward HO! A Look at Contemporary Craft from the Southwest introduces a body of contemporary, exceptionally-crafted work by artists living in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. Visitors to the exhibition will recognize natural elements characteristic to that region, such as air, earth and sky, and consider the Southwest through the eyes of the artists as they experience the history, spirit and multiculturalism of Southwestern communities.

Westward HO! Featured Artists

Corey Ackelmire, TX
Rebecca Bluestone, NM
Gina Voelker Bobrowski, NM
Kim Brill, TX
Elizabeth Buckley, NM
Harlan W. Butt , TX
Emily Chase, OK
Jane Chavez, NM 
Sam Chung, AZ
Kat Cole, TX
Michael Crowder, TX
Jenn DePaolo, NM
Carol Eckert, AZ
Tom Eckert, AZ
Diane Falkenhagen, TX
Brian Fleetwood, NM
Debra Fritts, NM
Laritza Garcia, TX
John G. Garrett, NM
Robly Glover, TX
Geoffrey Gorman, NM
Leah Hardy, WY
Margaret K. Haydon, WY
Suzanne Hesh, AZ
Cynthia Hickok, TX
Tsehai Johnson, CO
April Jouse, NM
Danny Kamerath, TX
Heather Kaplan, TX
Elliot Kayser, AZ
Kay Khan, NM
Wendy Kowynia, CO
Wayne Locke, TX
Ana Lopez, TX
Alleghany Meadows, CO
Margy O'Brien, NM
Harold O'Connor, CO
Lisa Orr, TX 
Emi Ozawa, NM
Corey Pickett, NM
Dean Pulver, NM
Chris Ramsay, OK
Jacquie Rice & Uousis Juodvalkis, AZ
Chandler Romeo, CO
Ema Tanigaki, NM
Hirotsune Tashima, AZ
James Thurman, TX
Ruby Troup, NM
Doerte Weber, TX
Sarita Westrup, NC
Chesley Antionette Williams, TX
Kai Wolter, NM

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